Specialized Rehab

Northside provides comprehensive rehabilitation services that help patients return to an independent and healthy lifestyle. Our licensed and trained clinicians have advanced degrees and certifications in specific areas of expertise allowing them to provide highly specialized care for those with focused needs.

  • Sports Medicine - Treatment of injuries resulting from sports or an active lifestyle. From competitive to recreational athletes to weekend warriors of all ages benefit from the sport specific treatments of strengthening, stretching, taping, dry needling and functional training to allow a quick return to sport and activity.
  • Oncology Rehabilitation - Oncology certified clinicians offer an integrated multidisciplinary approach that eases the transition from illness to wellness. The focus is on improving quality of life and independence. Care can be beneficial prior to, during, and/or after cancer treatment.
  • Lymphedema Management - Treatment for any abnormal swelling of extremities, head/neck, or trunk, that may occur due to surgery, radiation, fractures, vascular conditions, or family history.
  • Women’s and Men’s Pelvic Health - Care for women and men with pelvic floor dysfunction including pelvic floor and surrounding areas. Therapy addresses concerns such as incontinence, pelvic pain and sexual impairment.
  • Dysphagia for Head and Neck Cancers - Preventative therapy for swallowing disorders associated with side effects caused by cancer treatment maximizing quality of life.
  • Vestibular Therapy - For individuals experiencing concerns with dizziness, steadiness, and balance.
  • Voice Therapy - Improving and restoring the vital functions of social communication, professional speaking and singing. Rigid and flexible videostroboscopy, laryngeal function testing and Lee Silverman Voice Therapy are offered.
  • Wound Care - Promote healing of wounds and burns utilizing hydrotherapy techniques, debridement of unhealthy tissues and dressing changes.
  • Aquatic Therapy - Therapeutic exercise in a warm pool using the buoyancy of the water to reduce the forces of stress on the joints and/or provides ease of exercise. Offered in Atlanta, Cherokee, and Forsyth through community partnerships.
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